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Feedback: Beyond the March, June, 2020

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

The Berkeley Heights Diversity Council (BHDC) hosted an open Community Listening Session on June 18 - “Beyond the March”. It was well attended and the BHDC was inspired and energized by the creative and meaningful suggestions from the community. The BHDC is excited to see the continued energy, resolve and focus following the community-led Berkeley Heights March for Black Lives. The phrase, “It’s a Movement, not a Moment” originated at the march and remains an inspiring voice towards expanding inclusion and welcomeness for all in Berkeley Heights.

Here is a brief summary of what the community shared at the BHDC “Beyond the March” Listening Session, as well as a few other upcoming programs that the BHDC is bringing to the community to foster what we hope will make Berkeley Heights the most welcoming and inclusive community in New Jersey. Make sure you are staying connected to the Berkeley Heights Diversity Council on Facebook. Additionally, please consider joining the new Facebook group, Berkeley Heights MOVEMENT, to continue this wonderful discussion offline digitally.

If you are passionate about any of these ideas and might be interested in helping out, please reach out to the BHDC, we welcome your participation! Email the BHDC at

Summary of Beyond the March Community Ideas for Action and Change:

  • Rename a Berkeley Heights Street: Engage the community for interest, input and research viability of suggestion.

  • Diversity in the Berkeley Heights Education System: Review current curriculum and suggest additions to resource choices, diversity of books available in the classroom and on summer reading lists to help move towards a more comprehensive view.

  • Community Book Club/Community Book Read/Movie Watch: Consider hosting a Community Book Club/Community Book Read and also work with the BHEF to expand the Literary Lunch program to offer works by more diverse authors and filmmakers.

  • Expand the diversity of books available in the BH Public Library. Consider creating a section in the library for books about social justice, racism, and bias. Include digital books.

  • Create a “Welcome Diversity Club” to improve and expand the welcoming process for new residents. Welcome new residents to Berkeley Heights with a letter from BHDC. Consider offering open adult social gatherings. Consider creating a mentoring program for new youth community members.

  • Increase African American History Educational offerings in the community through the use of speaker series.

  • Community Suppers Consider implementing the Community Suppers program to create smaller more personal discussions with neighbors in the way of sharing meals together.

  • Expand Community Dialogue about Diversity, Race and Inclusion. Consider hosting more listening sessions, workshops, speaker series and more.

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