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BHDC Urges Residents to Stand Together Against Any and All Acts of Hate towards Asian Americans

Again we are grappling to deal with (what may officially be deemed) an act of racially motivated violence in our nation. This time against Asian Americans. This breaks our hearts, and we want to take a moment to acknowledge the reality and impact of these awful acts, and to stand together with our Asian American neighbors within the Berkeley Heights community against any and all kinds of acts of hate towards Asian Americans.

Racially motivated incidents continue to occur, especially this year of increased violence and abuse directed toward Asians across our nation. Even if the victims were not targets because of their Asian heritage, we know that this is happening in the context of a year of anti-Asian hate amplified by falsehoods and rhetoric that misplaces responsibility for the pandemic. Unfortunately, it also does not seem likely that gender can't be ignored as a factor in the violence that took place.

Please join us in supporting our neighbors by engaging and offering meaningful ways to intentionally educate and communicate with one another. We need to continue to come together as a more welcoming community of mutual respect. Please email us if you have an idea, and we will support it.

We as a community and as a nation are better than this. “We Stand Together In Berkeley Heights” today and every day.

The Berkeley Heights Diversity Council was founded over six years ago to honor and embrace the diverse cultures and perspectives within Berkeley Heights. Our goal is to spread awareness and inclusion.

The BHDC is open and welcoming to all who reside in Berkeley Heights wishing to celebrate the diversity of our great town together. More about us can be found on our website or we encourage you to email us ( with any ideas or suggestions.

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