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Invite - Listening Session - Diversity in the BH Schools on Wednesday, November 18 at 7pm

The Berkeley Heights Diversity Council invites the community to our first Listening Session focused on Diversity and the Berkeley Heights Public Schools on Wednesday, November 18 at 7pm on Zoom. Many community members have asked for an increased dialogue about diversity issues in the school district and the District Superintendent, Dr. Melissa Varley along with District Administration, District Supervisors and members of the Berkeley Heights Board of Education are eager to continue to open up that dialogue.

The Listening Session will be held as a virtual gathering on Zoom on Wednesday, November 18 at 7pm. Please join us on zoom: meeting ID: 810 5309 8253, passcode: 260015

Together with members of the community, please join us to hear and share views of how to continue to make Berkeley Heights more inclusive and welcoming at this critical point in our nation’s history.

A “Listening Session” is meant as a community brainstorming session, a time to raise topics and to share ideas to help ensure that Berkeley Heights becomes increasingly inclusive and welcoming to all. It will also be a great opportunity for District representatives to share updates on the work in progress and listen to residents.

The Berkeley Heights Diversity Council continues to host opportunities for residents to share views, ask questions, listen to each other and be heard by important stakeholders in Berkeley Heights including the Berkeley Heights Police Department, and our schools. The BHDC has established a partnership with the Berkeley Heights Public School District and we are excited to open up this opportunity for our community to come together for open dialogue.

The intent in a Listening Session is for the School District representatives to listen and take away questions so that they can take the time to respond to residents in a thoughtful way.

The Berkeley Heights Diversity Council was founded to honor and embrace the diverse cultures and perspectives within Berkeley Heights. Our goal is to spread awareness and foster inclusion.

The BHDC is open and welcoming to all who reside in Berkeley Heights wishing to celebrate the diversity of our great town together and can be reached at

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